Creator Tip #1

Hey folks, we are doing something new here on the Tenacious Comics website.  We are periodically going to drop some Creator Tips.  Hopefully these tips will help you put your ideas to paper!

Todays Creator Tip:

Lettering!  One of the most important things we can do for our books is make sure that it has a nice professional finish to it.  Nothing makes as big a difference for the cost as lettering.  A really good looking book can be made to look really unprofessional when you have bad lettering on it.  Likewise, you can take a mediocre book and put good lettering to it and it looks more professional.

Many times we try to cut corners and have a friend or maybe even the artist take a hack at it.  I mean, after all, its just lettering.  Seriously though, I have seen really good books get turned down for ComiXology because of sub par lettering.

So when working on those books, take some time to make sure it is getting a nice pro finish to it.

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