Tenacious Comics is seeking original creator owned titles with an established creative team.

Though we will accept submissions from writers and artists, ready to publish projects take first priority.

If you have a creative team and you are ready or near ready to publish, we want to see what you’re working on.  Please send the following:

  • A cover letter telling us about yourself and your team.
  • A brief synopsis of the story. Don’t be cryptic.  We want to know where your story is going.  We are not interested in surprises.
  • A copy of the completed script.
  • Digital copy of at least five (5) finished pages.
  • Include your plans for the title. (target audience, preferred release schedule, ect.)

If you do not currently have a creative team we can help you find the right team.

Please be advised that we do not take on the financial responsibility of your production team.  Each creator will be responsible for the financial obligation of their production.  We will assist in creating a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the cost of your production.  However, we reserve the right to determine the timeline and funding needs.

Commission Artists/Colorists/Letterers:  We are always looking to add new creative individuals to the pool of talent that we use.  Please feel free to submit your art and contact information with rates via the upload link below.

Unlike other companies, we do want to share what we know.  Even if you aren’t accepted, we will try to give you some pointers to make your work better.  We know that making INDIE comics is a passion and we want to encourage you in that endeavor.

If you have the right stuff, a tenacious spirit, and a quality story, you will get the full effort of the collective to help you publish your work.  You will get a fine tooth critique, suggestions to make your work stand out, the marketing effort of the full team, personalized campaigns, and a community of great likeminded creators!

Below you will find an upload plugin that will send your files directly to our server for review.  Please take full advantage of that.

We look forward to hearing from you!