TC Team!

If you are new to TC there are a few things that can help you navigate the process of getting published. We are first and foremost a creator based cooperative.  We love taking new creators and walking them through the process of making their books!  We kind of live for it.  When you work with TC here is the team that will be your go to.

Luke Stone:  Founder/CEO Luke will, in many cases, be your first stop.  He will help you understand the production process and help you with establishing all the elements you need to make your creative team successful.

Jason Bennett:  Editor-in-Chief Jason is the guy who will walk with you through the creative process once your team is established.  He helps keep you and your team on track.  He also ensures that every TC title stays consistent to the CO-OP.

Bobby Torres: Chief Marketing Officer Bobby will help you get your project out to the masses.  He will help instruct you on how to promote your work and were to go to make sure people know what is going on with your project.  If you listen to Bobby, you will have a successful title!

That’s the Management TEAM!  They make themselves readily available and are here for every creator.

Now we don’t want to leave out the most important part of the team.  YOU!  Each creator that joins the CO-OP becomes the “owner” of TC and the many titles we are producing.  You are your only competition!  The work you put in will determine your success!


Remember… Be Tenacious!