The TC Way

Tenacious Comics is an Indie Publisher CO-OP. What that means is that every title is creator-owned and we are being independent together. We employ a combined effort from each creator to share each others’ work with each others’ fans.

We are excited to launch some of our first issues this year!

The TC Way (#thetcway):

There is nothing quite like the tenacity of the indie creator. The drive, determination, and pure heart that compels them to create can be an awe-inspiring thing. At Tenacious Comics, we bank on the fact that there is nothing that can stop the creative spirit. By partnering with other independent creators with a similar drive and tenacity, we double, triple, quadruple our reach and influence.

OK, that sounds good but it would be all in vain if we didn’t have a plan to how it works. So here is the TC WAY. Each creator keeps all their rights and revenue from sales. It’s as if you are self-publishing your book with the help of other self-publishers who have been there already. Each creator shares! What that means is simple… Let’s say we have 4 creators. Creator 1 makes space available in his comic for an ad for creator 2’s comic. Let’s say creator 3 makes room in her comic for creator 2 and creator 4. So now both of those creators also make room in their comic for creator 3. In addition to sharing ad space for titles, we work with geek culture outlets like podcasts and comic stores that support our creators by placing ads and ‘attaboys’ for them in our comics. This actually increases the number of people who will be looking at your title. Of course you could do all this work on your own and get a nice little niche cut out, but think about it. If you are building relationship at your local shop and podcasts, and someone else is doing the same in their hometown, why not work together and take each others’ titles to the others’ resource?

In addition to this beautiful little symbiotic relationship, we also share resources. Things such as, best place to get prints at the lowest cost, web presence, web sales, help with production… The list can go on and on. When it comes to sales, TC does the hard work behind the scenes so you are free to create. We also send you all the proceeds you’ve earned. It’s your money. It’s fair and it’s honest. When a comic by creator 2 sells in creator 1’s hometown, creator 2 gets what is coming to him. It is actually a simple process that is managed securely to make sure EVERYONE receives their earned revenue. Everything is above the surface and everything is reported and accessible by anyone at anytime. Transparency is important at Tenacious.

As if this wasn’t enough, TC helps with artist tables at local conventions. Imagine having your stuff being put in front of an entirely new market without even being there. Think about this… Since TC is a creator CO-OP, each and every creator is a partner in this venture. So you get to take the presence of TC with you everywhere you go too.

It’s a new world out there and things are changing. TC is a new way of approaching the promotion and selling of comics. If you are a creator who wants to have your work considered for our CO-OP, please contact us and we will be in touch!